Market Development & Revenue Generation

We help you determine where are you going and what paths are you going to take to get there.
We help you package/price your product/service to optimize the customer experience.
We bring products and services to market fast and effectively.
We build your brand through our networks which provides an integrated approach to P.R.
We create impactful campaigns and effective events to drive brand awareness.
We attract evangelists, customers, and influencers through an integrated agile approach.
We set goals and track goals through a series of analytics tools and monthly reports.


Here are a few of our past go to market and activation success stories.

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Fractional CMO

idealAsset built a global IP matching platform to accelerate patent monetization, patent licensing, and open innovation. While serving as a fractional CMO, Envisage Associates helped launch the solution, develop the market and grow user adoption positioning the company for acquisition. IdealAsset was acquired by Dominion Harbor in March 2016.

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Go To Market Strategy & Implementation

Developed go to market strategy for artificial intelligence financial information platform providing the one right answer to your financial question about public companies.

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Brand Re-Position with Integrated Business Development & Marketing Strategy

Developed and implemented an integrated marketing strategy bridging sales and marketing processes and tracking to provide an enhanced customer experience. We shifted the message and approach to be seen as an industry leader revolutionizing maintenance control within the healthcare environment. The company was acquired by Accruent shortly after our engagement.

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Packaging & Revenue Generation

Worked with a Global Events Management Services company to assess why the company was losing several million in sales in lost proposals. In our evaluation, we determined that some of the value inherent in the solution was not demonstrable enough to win the business. The solution needed to be repackaged to communicate value. We provided suggestions on new pricing demonstrating the value and differentiation from the competition. They implemented our suggestions and reduced lost business by 18 %. Our consultation help position the company for acquisition a year later.